Hannibal American Legion Post 1552


                                                    October 2016

New Members?

Secretary= Previous minutes

Finances= Gun Raffle Complete tonight!

               Purchased two Adirondack Chairs (200$) for raffle at Winter Swap Meet.

               Chairs at Kimmie being painted, She wants 30 per chair,lets give her 100$.


Post Update= Tank still being worked on, John Katko working on it.

                    Marvin Working on Road/ Camping Area.

                    Wall between Bar and Pool Room to be knocked down, Insulation

                    being added once complete(all of Legion)


Old Business= Great turnout and great ride to Blue Star Mother's.

                    I attended Lenny's Ride,No one else?

                    Bikers Ball and Comedy Show a go, January and March.


New Business= Work on dates for Next Years Run's and Events, complete by December.

                      Once Complete forward to Chrome Biker etc.

                      Legion Member Carlo Palmineto funeral Friday meeting at Legion 4pm.

                      Marc Warner playing outside Saturday 6-9pm. Come on out.

                      Tina's is collecting Items for Blue Star Mother's,if anybody

                     has things to donate. Drop off here.Making another trip when it is complete.

                      Close Stage After,what day? Work Days for Legion are Wednesday's 10am.

                      Purchased toat's to store item's in trailer or Shower house, had mouse Issue

                      they wrecked three long sleeve shirts. Can use for a quilt.

                              Fred/ Baldy and our trailer are in Florida. Will put trailerunder Pavillion                               before Snow fly's.  

Raffle Gun/ Lottery Board.